Why start and run your own blog?

Posted by Stanislav Furman  on April 1, 2013

There is a lot of different blogs exist in the Internet. However, every day people set up tons of new blogs, and at the same time huge number of blogs die every day. So, why would people create and run their own blogs?

What is blog

First of all - what is blog? Basically, a blog is a web site, where the main contents is your regularly added posts, in which you share your thoughts, experience, problem solving or problem discussion. It is very important that you add posts regularly to keep you audience attached to your blog.

Self-promotion, fame and reputation

Would you like to become a little famous? If your answer is "yes", then your blog could help you.

Also, running own blog you can make your name in an industry or in a community if you are a really good professional and have some good skills or experience to share with other people. If you become a trusted source of useful and interesting information, people will put links to your blog posts, and will mention your name.

In the other hand, don't forget to put your efforts on general and common web promotion: optimize your posts for web searches, use social sharing buttons, put links to your blog from other sites, etc.

Promote your works, experience and yourself to find new customers, build professional network.


When you actively run your own blog, it makes you develop your skills, use new technologies, analyze and solve problems. In other words, your blog forces you to learn something new or brainstorm existing problems.

Furthermore, in creating more and more posts you develop your writing skills, which quite important too. :-)

Communication and feedback

Own blog is a good resource to interact with real people from around the world and get feedback on your work. In addition, your blog can help to build your own community, find new friends, customers or business partners.


And finally... money! Of course, money!

Perhaps, one of the most reasons why people create blogs is that they want make money on the blogging. To do so blog onwer can display paid banners on blog pages, use Google AdWords or post paid links. Another way of making money is writing paid reviews. You can review anything in your blog if you have good knowledge on the topic: devices, sites, restaurants, cars, etc.

Where to blog

Create your own blog - is really easy. There is a lot of different websites where you can create your blog for free! You can also use existing blog platforms such as Wordpress, etc.

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