MySQL. How to insert a row or update if exists in MySQL.

Posted by Stanislav Furman on February 25, 2013

Being a web developer, I personally like short solutions, and when I code, I try to write as less code as possible. At the same time the code has to be readable for other developers without using comments.

If you want to combine create/update function into one, MySQL offers you a very useful statement : INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE.

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Most common design patterns in OOP. Introduction.

Posted by Stanislav Furman on September 9, 2012

Every good programmer might dreams to create a nice, big and famous project (software, web site, etc.). At least you need to dream to improve your skills, motivate yourself and move forward. However, if you want to create something really big, scalable and flexible you have to use some common existing practices and solutions that all strong developers use in daily basis. One of those common existing solutions is use of design patterns. If you are a beginner and want to get an idea what are design patterns and how to use them, this post is for you and I hope it will he helpful.

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How to interview a programmer. Thoughts about hiring process.

Posted by Stanislav Furman on August 26, 2012
A few tips about how to interview and hire a programmer based on own experience.

A little bit of humour

Posted by Stanislav Furman on July 21, 2012

Just a little bit of humour from programmer's life. :-)

If you have a problem and you have to solve it using regular expressions, then you have two problems! :-)

PHP application performance tuning

Posted by Stanislav Furman on March 15, 2012

Hello Coders!

In this article I will list a few advises on how to optimize your PHP web application performance. All these tips below I learned myself or from co-workers, blog articles and books. Keep in mind though that usually there is no need to go nuts when it comes to performance optimization. So, please don't open your IDE right away and don't try to use all tips together. Simply get an idea and note something that could be useful in your specific case.

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CSS rounded corners

Posted by Stanislav Furman on February 26, 2012
How to create CSS rounded corners

How to secure your php application

Posted by Stanislav Furman on February 21, 2012
10 useful tips to make your php application safe. Good practices in creating a secured web application

How much should a web site cost?

Posted by Stanislav Furman on February 19, 2012
Frequently asked question: How much should a web site cost? Let's see how to calculate the cost!

Visual Representation of SQL Joins on a graphical diagram

Posted by Stanislav Furman on February 18, 2012
See one of the best graphical diagram representing SQL joins

Another 12 SEO tips that everyone should know

Posted by Stanislav Furman on February 17, 2012
Learn another 12 SEO good practices to succeed in website optimization. Useful tips and recommendations.